We are pleased to report that Žurić i Partneri lawyer Ana Vrsaljko Metelko participated as one of the speakers at the 2nd International Transport and Insurance Law Conference INTRANSLAW Zagreb 2017. The conference was held on October 12 and 13, 2017 in Zagreb on the topic "Transport law towards the future". 

The main themes were digitalisation and new technology in transport, a single market for transport services and competition issues, ship and aircraft financing, shipbuilding, insurance and transportation secrecy, transport risk insurance, logistics and multimodal transportation.

Ana, as a member of our transportation law team, held a lecture on „Enforcement over an Aircraft and over the Vessel – Same Rules before and some New Ones after Initiation of a Bankruptcy Procedure“, in which she has reviewed the enforcement procedures on aircrafts and ships, as well as the rights of creditors with separate collection right on the initiation and continuation of enforcement proceedings on object where there is a separate collection right after initiation of the bankruptcy procedure.