SELA member firm operating in Bulgaria, Dimitrov Petrov & Co, together with French law firm Leboulanger & Associés, ICC HQ Paris, ICC Bulgaria and ICC Greece, is organizing an international arbitration event in Thessaloniki on 22 November 2019.

The event is dedicated to commercial arbitration in the technological age and will consist of 2 sessions focusing on some of the most important topics in international arbitration.

Martin  Zahariev
, from Dimitrov Petrov & Co, together with Uroš Popović, from Bojović Drasković Popović & Partners, and Yiannis Timagenis, from Timagenis Law Firm, will participate in a panel discussion: Keeping the pace: Arbitration in the technological age.

The Forum is to become a gathering event for practitioners and academics from all over Europe (UK, France, Switzerland, Germany, Slovakia, Greece, Serbia, Montenegro, Bulgaria, etc.), who share the passion for arbitration and have in-depth knowledge of this area.

The event presents a great networking opportunity to exchange thoughts on international arbitration and to meet with other young practitioners in the SEE region.

You can read more about the event and register HERE.