Webinar on ‘Russia Sanctions: the Impact on Companies in SEE Region’ organized by SELA team was held on Thursday 26th May 2022.

The webinar was hosted by Uroš Popović, partner from BD2P, Serbian SELA member firm. He held the first session on Non-EU perspective and how does the Russia-Ukraine conflict affect Serbia, as a candidate for entry into the EU, and what are the consequences for the Russian companies.

Uroš was accompanied by Matej Perpar, partner from Kirm Perpar, Slovenian SELA member firm. Matej held the second session on EU perspective, more precisely about the sanctions, main challenges in various industries, business exits from Russia, response of SEE businesses, and what is EU’s next move.

Finally, SELA had a guest speaker live from Russia, Mr. Oliver Ćirić, partner from TA Advisory. Oliver held a third session on Russian perspective on western sanctions against Russia following the 24 February 2022 conflict outbreak in Ukraine and impact on Russian economy. He pointed out Russia’s response to sanctions, overview of Russian countersanctions and further measures.

The webinar presentation is available here.