This year, the IBA 2020 Virtually Together conference takes place as a virtual month-long conference.

It is bringing together the international legal community in a series of over 250 sessions run by industry leaders and experts.

Zoya Todorova
, partner at Dimitrov Petrov & Co, is a Regional Fora Liaison Officer at the European Regional Forum (ERF) with the International Bar Association. 

On 18 November, she moderated the session "Legal issues for the next generation of lawyers" from the program of the ERF.

There were discussions on a whole new set of legal issues that the next generation of lawyers will need to face and resolve, topics ranging from artificial intelligence (AI) and big data through biotech and fintech, their impact on civil rights, democracy and the rule of law, and the challenges and opportunities that they present to the next generation of international lawyers.

Read more about the conference here.