As a result of the current COVID-19 pandemics, companies are facing an increasing number of legal challenges.

These currently relate primarily to employment relationship issues, measures taken by the government to mitigate the consequences, and contractual relationships, especially in connection to failure to fulfil obligations.

In order to assist clients in Slovenia with coping with these exceptional circumstances, Kirm Perpar have prepared an overview of the most important information related to abovementioned legal topics.

In the brochure you may find transparently summarised information that are most sought after by our clients in the last days, including:

- Which measures employers may take to mitigate effects of the current situation according to employment laws
- Government’s measures available to support economy
- Benefits granted by tax laws and regulations
- Obligations of employers with respect to healthy and safe work environment
- Impacts on contractual relationships (force majeure, inability to fulfil obligations).

To read the brochure, please click HERE.