It is our pleasure to announce that Žurić i Partneri, together with the law firms Bojović & Partners and Dimitrijević & Partners has established the South East Legal Alliance (SELA), recently joined by Apostolska & Aleksandrovski.

The South East Legal Alliance (SELA) is a formal regional network of independent law firms, advising clients on their operations across South East Europe.

The establishment of the alliance is the result of the joint vision of all founding member firms for the purpose of being able to offer all our clients highly qualified legal services in all their operations across South East Europe through our unified approach, integrated teams and cross-border expertise. SELA’s member firms are amongst the best-ranked firms in their jurisdictions and were carefully selected for their reputation and track record of success, as well as for their in-depth knowledge of local laws and business environments, enabling the clients of the member firms to successfully navigate the regional legal and business field

SELA lawyers have broad experience across a range of industries and in-depth knowledge of local laws, business and political environments. Our international and commercial approach ensures that our clients receive first-rate representation and a consistent level of professionalism across the alliance.