Stevan Dimitrijević, partner at Dimitrijević & Partners, SELA member from Bosnia & Herzegovina, recently published an article ’Protection of pre-investments activities - analysis of the current situation in selected international investment treaties and arbitration practice’.

The article Stevan wrote together with Ljubica Kaurin Dragićević, was published in the new issue of the Journal of Legal Theory and Practice of the Serbian Bar Association– Branič. As one of the article contributors, Stevan gave an overview on the current situation in the field of international investments and shared advice on how to protect pre-investment activities.

After the legal procedure in 2011 Serbian Ministry of Education and Science categorized ’Branič’ as a science journal.

It was started by the Association of Public Advocates on the 1 January 1887, and its first editors-in-chief were eminent Belgrade lawyers Milan St. Marković and Djordje Nenadović.

After the Association of Public Advocates being disbanded in 1929, the magazine was published by the Serbian Bar Association. The regular contributors and authors to this journal were the most prominent legal theorists and practitioners from the country and abroad at the time. Despite the interruptions caused by wars and lack of financial resources, the magazine is kept being published to this day.

The whole article is available here.