Answering on editors question "What one change would you most like to see made to the law firm rankings to make them more useful/effective?", she pointed out the following:

“I would like the addition of a new ranking factor, since it seems in many cases that client feedback and the scope of work do not provide the whole picture. I would add “general satisfaction of employees in the law firm” as an additional category for the ranking. I believe that employee satisfaction significantly shapes the organizational culture, which in turn represents a system of shared assumptions, values, and beliefs that governs how people behave in organizations, ultimately contributing to their effectiveness. A high level of employee satisfaction arguably contributes to providing better service to clients, since fewer employees leave, [meaning] fewer new employees need to be hired and (re)trained, making the team more cohesive, and clients tend to invest more trust in such law firms” said Jovana. A full version of the article is available at the following link.