Under the new name, and contrary to the prevailing negative trends, the message that we want to convey to our clients is that we are more prepared and better equipped than ever to handle any task and provide any assistance, no matter how complex or intricate.

Our guarantee, based on the firm and solid structure we have carefully built through the years, is that each case and each task will be approached with the utmost care.

This evolution comes primarily as a result of shared values existing among the name partners, needed to create a strong and resilient company where human integrity, mutual respect and highest quality service go hand in hand.

While no other details and contact information will change, the new company name will naturally be reflected on all company stationery, social media, website and other communication channels.

Therefore, our new corporate and web address will read as follows:

Bojović Drašković Popović & Partners
Francuska 27
11000 Belgrade, Serbia
Tel. +381 11 7850336
Fax. +381 11 7850337