Vedran Kopilović graduated in 2013 at the University of Zagreb with honors (magna cum laude), after which he has successfully performed his legal training at Žurić i Partneri. Vedran mostly focuses on litigation and administrative law, (pre)bankruptcy and client representation in various court proceedings. Within the scope of his work, he has demonstrated a particular inclination towards telecommunications and commercial law. 

Andrej Skljarov graduated in 2013 at the University of Zagreb with honors (cum laude) and then began his training at the Law Firm Pavličić Bekić, which he continued in 2014 at Žurić i Partneri. Since joining Žurić i Partneri, he has been focused on commercial and corporate law, as well as enforcement and (pre)bankruptcy. Andrej has also worked on various due diligence's assignments and public bond offerings.